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Use cases span most industries


Our Intelligent Concepts blend Machine Learning with human ingenuity and apply to the heart of every business process to automate and augment complex functions which, up until now, were limited to human operators. 

We combine state-of-the-art Deep Learning, Cloud and Big Data technologies with our deep industry expertise to help our clients gain and maintain competitive advantage. 

- We train Intelligent Agents to accurately and efficiently perform tasks at a fraction of current labor costs.

  • Limited duration, high impact engagements  

  • Clear phases and decision points 

  • Validated repeatable process  

  • Knowledge share at each step   



No matter how complex, any function performed by humans has three major components: Inputs, data and outputs. Take medicine for an example: A doctor takes symptoms and lab results (inputs), matches those with his knowledge base, patient records and current epidemics information (data), then he's able to offer an educated diagnosis (output), with accuracy exceeding 95% most of the time. 
Similarly, we take a business function,  design an Artificial Neural Network using your inputs and outputs, and train a Deep Learning model with your historical data to make equally accurate predictions. The training process continues while your model is deployed in parallel in development mode; Humans continue to perform the function and their output is compared to that predicted by the machine. Once the new system is able to consistently achieve higher accuracies than humans, it goes into a monitored production mode, with humans validating the system's output, then ultimately handing off the majority of the workload to your fine-tuned reliable system as it goes to full production. Accuracy and confidence thresholds are used to handle exceptions where human expertise may be required.

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Start with the end in mind. Define a comprehensive data driven vision to understand business objectives and articulate how machine learning can drive tangible results


Learn current state from those working in the trenches to discover optimization opportunities in every domain. Compare cost avoidance scenarios and develop an actionable execution roadmap for the fastest path to your target state.

Complementing our in house expertise a network of data scientists, innovation labs, academic and industry alliances allowing rapid prototyping, model training and iteration to accelerate your time to market 



intelligenT concepts to transform YOUR BUSINESS