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50 AI Examples from the fortune 500.

At Manceps, we’re on a mission to help companies build and deploy AI solutions at scale. One of the things are clients ask us all the time is—
what can you actually do with AI?
The thing is, AI’s capabilities are expanding at a breathless place so it’s not always easy to take a peek into what big companies are doing with this novel and powerful technology.
And so we looked into it.
In what may well be the deepest dive into the subject, we sought to answer a simple question— 

how are the world’s largest companies using AI?
Going company by company, we were surprised and delighted by all the ways that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are helping organizations make BIG CHANGES. We’re talking super-charging operational efficiency, drastically improving customer service, and accelerating the product development cycle.
This deeply-sourced ebook represents over 200 hours of research, covering dozens of companies and use cases. We hope you enjoy this expansive look at AI! We’re very proud of it.