Manceps is enlisting its data scientists and machine learning experts in the fight against the pandemic.

AI Accelerate

Let’s face it, bringing your own AI team in-house can be complex, inflexible, and expensive. By leaving the AI model development to us, you can ensure that you bring AI to your organization with ease. AI Accelerate makes artificial intelligence affordable and accessible.

Key Benefits

Launch Within a Few Weeks

AI Accelerate is designed for those who have a specific AI solution in mind and just need the right team to build it out. Our elite team of AI professionals can get your model developed in just a matter of weeks.

Create a Powerful AI Use Case For Your Organization

This initial model can serve as an illuminating proof-of-concept for your whole organization, making it easier to convince stakeholders to realize the value of AI and make the investment.

Ensure Your Project is Built By the Right Specialists

AI has a wide range of specialties. Some AI developers have spent their careers on natural language processing, while others have worked on video analytics or actionable insights. Without a keen understanding of this quickly-evolving field, organizations risk high churn while they identify the most qualified talent.

Avoid Bringing an Expensive AI Team In-House

Rather than making a large investment in highly paid AI talent, we bring the right experts to your organization at a fraction of the cost.

“There’s little doubt that Artificial Intelligence has impressive capabilities. But staffing up an AI team in-house is not always feasible nor affordable. This is exactly how we can help."

— Al Kari, CEO of Manceps

Timeline and Scope

1-2 Weeks

Algorithm Selection

After capturing your requirements, our team will research, benchmark, and select the best algorithm for your application.
1-2 Weeks

Feature Engineering

Manceps will identify the most relevant inputs (features) from which to derive the insights you want your model to produce. These multi-dimensional data points can come from within your company and, if necessary, augmented with publicly available datasets.
1-2 Weeks

Model Development

Finally, we will train, fine-tune and validate a model that puts your data to work and achieves required accuracy metrics.

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