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AI-related content

Tutorial: Building Your First Kubeflow Pipelines Workflow (Part 2)
In this tutorial, you'll work on building your first Kubeflow Pipelines workflow as you gain an understanding of how it’s used to deploy reusable and reproducible ML pipelines. πŸš€
Data science workflows on Kubernetes with Kubeflow Pipelines (Part 1)
Kubeflow Pipelines are a great way to build portable, scalable machine learning workflows. It is one part of a larger Kubeflow ecosystem which aims to reduce the complexity and time involved with training and deploying machine learning models at scale.
A Tale of Two Companies
These days, CIOs are constantly having to decide whether to build AI teams in-house or engage an outside organization for their Machine Learning needs. In this article, discover how two different companies charted an AI strategy and how their decisions are affecting their business today.
The Ideal Phases of Machine Learning Projects
There are a variety of workflows for bringing an ML solution to your organizaiton. Here is the one that we think is best.
Case Study: Using Natural Language Processing to Build a Sophisticated Interactive Voice Response System
By deploying an end-to-end solution that integrated with existing datasets, Manceps was help to help this SAAS company offer its customers an extremely powerful AI-powered agent who could answer all sorts of questions, troubleshoot their issues, and otherwise anticipate their unique needs.
AI Examples from Finance, Banking and Insurance
In this collection, we explore how big finance and banking organizations like Berkshire Hathaway, Chase, and Fannie Mae are using AI to ensure compliance, reduce their risk exposure, and increase customer personalization.
Using Datastudio to Map the CoronaVirus
By combining health data from the WHO, climate data from NOAA, and World Development Indicators from the World Bank, we were able to discover some interesting correlations.
Now Accepting Applications. Earn Your Google Cloud Architect Certification for Free.
Manceps announced Monday that they are now accepting applications for their 2020 Scholarship. They year, they are giving data scientists and AI professionals the chance to earn their Google Cloud Architect Certification for free. The prestigious certification was ranked the highest paying IT credential of 2019.
How to Install Kubeflow on Various Operating Systems
As more and more machine learning models get deployed to production, companies are realizing the complexity that comes with maintaining their machine learning pipeline. Coordinating retraining, deployment, and inference can be a logistical nightmare. Fortunately, Kubeflow is making it easier to ensure models remain predictive and accurate.