Ask the CEO: What Does Manceps Mean?

Ask the CEO: What Does Manceps Mean?

Interviewer: How does Manceps fit in? What does Manceps even mean and what do you do?

Mr. Kari: Maceps is actually Latin for customers. It represents our focus and commitment to our customers. And we are a research and engineering company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We work specifically on the AI/machine learning space. We help develop solutions and scale those solutions out for our customers. And we take AI to the next level. We not only take data and help drive insights from it, but we also help take that data and serve it in a scale-out fashion to customers all around the world.

Interviewer: So for companies that might be interested in what you're doing, how they get a hold of you or find out more?

Mr. Kari: Well, we are headquartered in Portland, like I said, but we work across the country and the United States and North America, and we are starting to operate globally. We can be reached at Manceps.ai and there is a lot of details there on how to engage.

And we look forward to working with you. We really look forward to hearing what problems our customers have and what issues we could solve for them. We have a significant, significantly brilliant team of data scientists and machine learn engineers that are hungry to solve problems and are really excited about all these applications that are on the way that we can help serve.


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