Ask the CEO: How Does Manceps Work with Its Customers?

Ask the CEO: How Does Manceps Work with Its Customers?


Think about the technologies we're building. Think about all of these solutions that are coming out so fast. Everything is evolving very quickly.

When you talk about Tensorflow, for example—a major framework that's being used for building AI systems today—Tensorflow had a major release every two months for the past two years. It's moving so fast and it's it's really building to deliver significant value by adapting some of the libraries that are already built. And a lot of that is moving much faster than a lot of companies can adapt to.

The way we operate, we help customers by initially introducing them to A.I. concepts and how that could work. If they are in a greenfield and they haven't gotten any AI yet, we start by optimizing some of their systems with some AI systems and that could work with some of their data.

We also put that into a learning mode and start slowly moving them and to optimize it, optimize an augmented fashion. So as they're as they as their new systems are optimized, they start learning from their human operators, they get to incrementally start augmenting.

One day, when we have enough training data and when the systems are delivering enough confidence, we flip the switch. When we flip that switch, the human operator stays. The person continues to actually operate the system, but only for anomalies and for exceptions. And the AI system handles the the majority of the workload.

That allows the human operator to go on to doing better and bigger things, more important things, things that require more creativity, and more thought out processes.


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