As a trusted Google Partner with data analytics and machine learning specializations, Manceps has the knowledge and experience to help you deploy artificial intelligence across Google Cloud

A Natural Alignment

By now, most enterprise organizations have come to depend on the scalability, reliability, and adaptability of cloud infrastructure. What they might not realize is that cloud infrastructure is excellent for deploying artificial intelligence models and warehousing data.

How Manceps brings AI to Google Cloud Platform


Manceps can help you use Google Cloud Storage to host your data in the cloud. Then, using built-in data labeling functionality, we can apply classification, object detection, and entity extraction, etc., for images, videos, audio, and text. 

Build & Deploy

We can build your machine learning applications on Google Cloud Platform that provides fully configured environments for different machine learning frameworks.
Additionally, we can use Google's AI Platform Training and Prediction services to train your models and deploy them to production on GCP as a serverless environment — or do so on-premises (on-prem) using the training and prediction microservices provided by Canonical's Kubeflow.


Once launched, Google Cloud Platform makes it easy to manage the models, experiments, and end-to-end workflows that we develop for you.