As a trusted Canonical Partner with data analytics and machine learning specializations, Manceps has the knowledge and experience to help you deploy artificial intelligence using Kubeflow on Ubuntu.
“Canonical shares our core values and commitment to the open-source community, and we are excited to have them as a strategic infrastructure partner. Not only do they offer a popular enterprise OS and a proven private cloud infrastructure, but they also make deploying and managing ML stacks on Kubernetes simple, scalable and portable with Kubeflow.”

— Al Kari, CEO of Manceps

Manceps and Canonical Work Together to deliver stable, scalable AI solutions using Kubernetes.


Our goal is to get you launched as quickly as possible. In preparation, we get to know your organization, its struggles and help you identify some time-tested AI opportunities that you might be able to implement right away.

Build & Deploy

Based on the priorities you’ve outlined, we select one or two initiatives and get to work. Here is where the rubber meets the road. Here, we organize your data and get a straightforward, but surprisingly powerful, AI model up and running. This model will serve as powerful proof of concept, and because of incentive programs available from our partners, we can often do this phase for free.


At this phase, the value of AI starts to compound. Here, we expand the capabilities of the original model, giving rise to automation, self-learning, and predictive insights that become increasingly sophisticated over time.

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