Manceps is enlisting its data scientists and machine learning experts in the fight against the pandemic.


Since our inception, Manceps has been committed to helping our community. As the Corona virus continues to spread around the world, we are volunteering our AI Experts and Data Scientists to help with COVID19-related research initiatives.
We are available to contribute any way we can including:

✔ DISEASE RESEARCH. Manceps can help you leverage machine learning and pattern recognition to learn more about the disease or accelerate research into finding a cure.
PREDICTIVE MODELING. Add complexity and feature engineering to disease models to predict future outbreaks and trends.
DIAGNOSTICS. Deploy image recognition to diagnose and prioritize patients more easily.
CROWD FEVER DETECTION. Leverage pattern recognition to identify those with high fevers in large group settings like airports or sporting events.

✔ SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT. Predict shortages of personal protective equipment before they impact frontline doctors and nurses.

Please complete the form so we can get an idea about your project and its goals. Excited to dive in!